n., adj., & adv.
1 a the point of the horizon where the sun rises at the equinoxes (cardinal point 90° to the right of north). b the compass point corresponding to this. c the direction in which this lies.
2 (usu. the East) a the regions or countries lying to the east of Europe. b the Communist States of eastern Europe.
3 the eastern part of a country, town, etc.
4 (East) Bridge a player occupying the position designated 'east'.
1 towards, at, near, or facing east.
2 coming from the east (east wind).
1 towards, at, or near the east.
2 (foll. by of) further east than.
Phrases and idioms:
East End the part of London east of the City as far as the River Lea. East Ender an inhabitant of the East End. East Indiaman hist. a large ship engaged in trade with the East Indies. East Indies the islands etc. east of India, esp. the Malay archipelago. east-north (or -south) -east the direction or compass point midway between east and north-east (or south-east). to the east (often foll. by of) in an easterly direction.
Etymology: OE east- f. Gmc

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